Arranging wall art & photography

Do you want to fill your home with stunning artwork and photographs? Before doing so, don’t forget to consider the following tips.

1. Balance

The key to arranging pictures and photographs in your home is gaining the right balance. Your visitors won’t want to walk into a room and feel overwhelmed by the amount of frames on your wall. However, you need enough to keep the eye interested, so finding the right balance is important.

2. Size

As with any other furniture, remember to measure your walls before buying your artwork to ensure the size is suitable for the room. If you buy something too small, think about asking a framer to create a larger mount for the piece. This will ensure it doesn’t get lost in the room or can be used to create a statement piece. Pictures are often the statement piece in a room; this can be achieved by one large piece of art or a collection of smaller ones. If you are creating a gallery wall then remember to plan it out before hanging all the pictures.

3. Proportion

Don’t forget about the other furniture and accessories in your room, your artwork should be in proportion to the existing interiors.

4. Budget

Remember to set a budget for your artwork as it can quickly become very expensive. If you have a small budget for your home accessories then why not take a visit to a nearby market where you can often pick up small prints and have them framed with your local framer.


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