Exterior Renovation

We take great pride in our work and we know you do it in your home. We will give new life to your house be it with a new patio, hardspace or more that will define your home in style you love.
Ah, curb appeal. The envy of the neighborhood, the first thing you see when you arrive home. That welcoming presence to friends and family.
The exterior of the home drives the complete home renovation and is also one of the components to any major remodeling project. Justiniano Real Estate will often work hand in hand with our architectural partners to complete their vision. We take great pride in collaborating with these individuals, as each have their own style and expression. Our design staff, Julie in particular, will also work with you to create an exterior that compliments the original architecture as well as the neighborhood and yet have that special something that makes it yours and yours alone.
We also provide services for hardscape design, patio decks and screen porches, all enhancements that complete the statement of a well-designed, well-executed exterior project.




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